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Trepanning Machine
The Trepanning Machine is designed to remove a core from the side wall of an unexploded bomb case so that the explosive contents can be steamed out or burned in order to render the UXB harmless.
trepanner on bomb.jpg
Trepanning Machine.jpg
CSL  32 SG with SOE
Steam Generator with Steaming Out Equipment
A trailer mounted unit featuring two independently operated Steam Generators equipped for connections to EOD Steaming Out Equipment CSL 32 SOE.  The equipment is self-contained and is normally supplied together with Steaming Out Saddle which fits in the equipment locker on the trailer.  The Steam Generators are also equipped for use as powerful Steam Cleaners with or without detergent. 
Abrasive Cutting Equipment
The CSL 880 ACE Abrasive Cutting Equipment is designed particularly for a variety of Operations against UXBs and other Munitions.  The Equipment has the ability, for example, to cut through the heaviest steel wall of UXBs and also to disect Sub-Munitions such as Mortar Bombs, Explosive Shells and Rockets etc.
AEC controller2.jpg
Non Magnetic Tool Kit
The Non Magnetic 36 Tool Kit comprises the standard EOD tool kit with all tools manufactured in very low permeability materials such as Berrylium Copper.  All tools are stowed in one heavy duty, ruggedised transit case with hard foam inserts.
36 Piece Toolkit.jpg
Comprehensive Non Magnetic Tool Kit
Comprehensive  EOD Tool Kit Non-Magnetic includes various high quality tools and accessories, housed in a ruggedised composite transit case with hard foam inserts.
111 top box.jpg
111 bottom box.jpg
Comprehensive Tool Kit
The CSL 164 CTK Comprehensive Counter IED Tool Kit comprising 164 individual items.
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