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EOD Telescopic Manipulator
The CSL 450  Manipulator is a medium duty Manipulator designed for handling of suspicious objects, IEDs and small UXOs.
It can be used hands only, hands with shoulder strap or for heavier lifts with the wheeled Dolly Module.
EOD Telescopic Manipulator - Heavy Duty
EODM 2.jpg
The EOD Manipulator is a remote handling tool designed particularly for use in I EDD operations. It provides the Bomb Technician with a means of reaching forward, to manipulate or pick up an object, at a safety enhancing stand off of 4.5 metre from the device.
CSL  01 BB
Ballistic Blanket & Barrier Set
The RDS Ballistic Blanket can be supplied in a range of protection levels from Demining Threat V50 250 m/s to NIJ Level 3A V50 450 m/s.  The smallest size for the Ballistic Blanket is 100 x 100cm but can also be supplied
in larger sizes to suit a users specific requirement.
BB 2.jpg
BB 1.jpg
BB 3.jpg
Bomb Suppression Transporter
The CSL 39 BST Bomb Suppression Transporter comprises an very high hoop strength double skin Blast Suppression Container which is designed to safely attenuate an explosion in the horizontal plain directing the blast vertically.  A replaceable inner Canvas Liner is used to hold the explosive device away from the side wall and bottom of the inner Blast Container. 
Bomb Transporter_No Background.jpg
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