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Search Suit
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The CSL 09/IEDS Search Suit is a lightweight EOD Suit designed for Search operations.  It is much lighter than the regular EOD Suit making for easier movement during Search tasks.  Cooling Suit available as an option.
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EOD Suit
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High specification Modular Ballistic EOD Suit in fire resistant material, featuring soft Armoured Panels in latest UHMW Aramid, Ballistic Chest and Abdomen plates and Ballistic Helmet/Visor set.  The suit is designed for optimized resistance to over pressure, fragmentation/ blunt trauma, heat and fire.  System also includes air blower cooling and communication set.  Cooling suit available as an option.
CSL 01-05 BS
Ballistic Shields
Richmond Ballistic Shields are constructed in high performance PE Composite material which is wear resisitant and UV protected.  They are available in 5 stock sizes.  The Ballistic Protection level of all models will stop AK47 (MSC) 7.62 x 39mm bullet and comply with NATO STANAG 4569.
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